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Adventure Island

Adventure Island

Adventure Island is perfect for a family day out and can even be extended for a weekend stay with lots of B&B’s and hotels available to stay. In terms of the theme park there is a ride to suit everyone with:

– Dodgems

– Bumper cars

– Thrill seeker rides

– Amusements

You can also enjoy some of the finest resturants and café’s and lots of places to grab an ice cream or a refreshing snack.

Adventure Island


Western Esplanade



Contact info

Telephone: 01702 443400


Adventure Island

Low season opening time: 11:00

Closing times between: 16:00-20:00

High season opening time: 11:00

Closing times between: 20:00-22:30

Adventure Island

Blue band:

For guests over 1.2 metres tall – allowing unlimited access to all blue, red and green band rides


Green band:

For guests between 1m – 1.2m – allowing unlimited access to all green and red band rides if between the height of 1m and 1.2m you can not purchase the blue band and are required to have an adult with them on all green band rides


Red band:

For guests below 1m and will have unlimited access to all red band rides only and will require an adult to go on all the red band rides